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【PART浪潮云,姑苏全世界教育:2019年3月9日雅思文言Part 1-3真题点评,excited ONE原题重现】

【PART TWO原题重现】


Describe a a teenager you know

Describe someone who you think is beautiful or handsome

Describe a 风流总裁追妻记role 浪潮云,姑苏全世界教育:2019年3月9日雅思文言Part 1-3真题点评,excitedmodel of you

Describe an old person you find interesting

Describe an intelligent person

Describe a person who prote小鹅啄毛怎么回事cts environment

Describe someone you want to study/work with

Describe an interesting person you would like to meet


Describe a public facility that improves local environment

Describe an ideal house

Describe a place where you can study

Describe a city you find interesting or beautiful

Describe an interesting part in your country

Describe a place far from you that you want to travel to


Describe a book you want to write

Describe a handmade gift you received that made you happy

Describea kind of food that people eat on special event

Describe an item you bought but rarely use

Describe a foreign language you would like to learn

Describea you grandparent's job

Describe a childhood game

Describe a piece of good n梁光烈与重庆事情ews you recenetly heard online

Describe a附益法 historical period you are interested in

Describe a subject you ddin;t have interst before but find important now

Describe a skill that took you a long time to learn

Describe a film or tv program tha王丹怡栗t made you laugh

Describe something you borrowed from friends or families

Describe something that was given to you and you really needed

Describe an important plant in your country


Describe a time when you received a bad service

Describe a time when you help sb find sth he/she lost

Describe a friend's success that you are proud of

Describe a complaint you made and satisfied with the result

Describe an outdimpendoor sport you tried for the first time

Describe a free 林惊羽传day off study/work

Describe sth you did that keep you healthy

Describe an importan浪潮云,姑苏全世界教育:2019年3月9日雅思文言Part 1-3真题点评,excitedt decision made with the help of others

Describe a t72路捉拿手教育视频ime when someone didn't tell you the whole truth

Describe a time when you didn't have enough time

Describe a party you attended

【Part 1-3真题点评】

Part 1:

榜首部分的问题多为"简略问题"simple questions。不需求像第三部分那样,或许像议论文那样讲得条条是道,留意言语运用的天然性。一起,也不需求过长的答案,每道题平均能答复3句话左右就可以了。太多的答复或许会被打断。part 1的具体问题尽管许多,但可以凭浪潮云,姑苏全世界教育:2019年3月9日雅思文言Part 1-3真题点评,excited借题库这一神器来随时预备。

Part 2:


Part 3:

这一部分是深化评论,要求考生剖析某种现象的原因或许表达观念。可以恰当浪潮云,姑苏全世界教育:2019年3月9日雅思文言Part 1-3真题点评,excited借用一些写作相关表达,当然,可以提出自己的独到见解是十分棒的。 因为这一部分单个标题或许比较笼统,主张考生在平常操练的时分多操练逻辑思维,勇于不"安分守己"。




If I'女性被男人m being completely honest with you, history is not my strong suit. But I gues人面锦鲤s I would say I've always been fascinated wi张均若th Tang Dynasty which is the most flourishing period in ancient China, ruling the nation for like 300 years.

Actually, it was from my history class in primary school that I gained my first knowledge about this fantastic historical period. Back then, our history teacher was an old man taking small难民服 steps, like a strong wind could whisk him up to the clouds. His class tended to be so mind-numbingly boring and we were just expected to memorize those facts and figures. But I did learn one thing about Tang Dynasty,浪潮云,姑苏全世界教育:2019年3月9日雅思文言Part 1-3真题点评,excited that is, it's the beginning of浪潮云,姑苏全世界教育:2019年3月9日雅思文言Part 1-3真题点评,excited the silk road, which is an interconnected route绿茵球霸 among nations, building the trade from Chang'an to midd刘洪元le east.

Later on, after I watched documentary and some tv drama, I got to grow my fondness of this historical period. , the reason of which is that it's a tre宠妃逃宫记ndsetter especially in terms of the cultural exchange and foreign trade. E.g. thanks to the silk road, many spices and tea leaves got introduced to ancient China and we got to export our silk and china to other neighbouring exotic lands. This was something that later emperor failed to attach importance to and that is what made Tang Dynasty so magnificent in the long run of Chinese history.

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